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Why Referee In AYSO

AYSO is an all-volunteer organization and depends on parents and others to coach, referee and assist.

Ref Course Types

There are three course choices for the beginner referee.

  1. The U-8 Official course, roughly 90 minutes online.

  2. The Basic Referee Course, roughly 6 to 8 hours in person, often split up over 2 nights.
  3. The Basic Referee Course, roughly 3 to 4 hours online (AYSOU) first, then 3 to 4 hours in person.

In order to referee a U-7 or a Fall U-8 game you must be ten years of age or older and complete either the U-8 Official Course or the Basic Referee Course.

In order to become a referee or assistant referee at a U9 or U10 game you must be twelve years of age or older and complete the Basic Referee Course.

Steps to Becoming a Referee

Four Easy Steps to Becoming a Referee In AYSO Irvine, Region 213

  1. Register as a Volunteer

    The first step for any volunteer is to REGISTER to be a VOLUNTEER. This is done on the website. Visit our Becoming a Volunteer page to walk you through the roughly 10 clicks needed to register. The steps are listed, and there's a video walkthrough to go through those same steps if you prefer.

  2. Verify your volunteer status

    You should get an email from [email protected] with a link to complete your AYSO Volunteer Background Check. Follow the instructions in that email. It should only take a few minutes.

  3. Take the Safe Haven Courses

    Go to and click the "Online Courses" menu option and click [Open] next to "Safe Haven Courses." Complete AYSO's Safe Haven, CDC Heads Up Concussion Training, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Online Course. If you have taken these classes before, the system should recognize that, and you don't need to repeat them. For a detailed walkthrough, visit our Becoming a Volunteer page and look under Get Trained.

  4. Take Referee Training

    To begin, you might be wondering, which training do I take?
    There are different levels of refereeing.

    The 8U Official is good for 7u and 8u games or teams. Spring 8u might consider skipping, and going to Regional. There is no pre-requisite for 8u Official.

    • If you wish to take the 8u training in person, courses can be found by clicking on "In-Person Courses" and clicking [Open] next to Referee Instructor Led Courses. then click [Open] by the 8u Official Course. In-person 8u courses are fairly rare, as it's currently available online.
    • If you wish to take the 8u training online, the course can be found by clicking on "Online Courses" and click [Open] for Refereeing courses. The 8U Official Course is the one you want. Click [Open].

    The Regional badge allows you to referee 10u games, both as Referee and as Assistant Referee. You can also referee the youngers, in 7u and 8u. There is no pre-requisite for Regional.

    • If you wish to take the Regional Referee training in person, click on the In-Person Courses menu. Click [Open] for Referee Instructor Led Courses, and choose [Open] next to Regional Referee Course. Click on [Sessions] to find one suitable for you. Please read descriptions. Classes are roughly 6 to 8 hours, and sometimes split over two nights.
    • If you wish to take the Regional Referee training as online/in-person combo, AYSO's most popular option, the first half is online and is roughly 3 to 4 hours, the second portion is an in-person course and is also roughly 3 hours.
      1. To take the first half online, click on [Online Courses], choose [Open] next to Refereeing Courses, and [Open] next to Regional Referee Training. This should take roughly three to four hours.
      2. Once finished, click on [In-Person Courses] and click on [Open] by Referee Instructor Led Courses. Find the Regional Referee Online Companion Course, and click [Open] for this. Click on [Sessions] and find one convenient for you. You can take this anywhere. If for whatever reason they ask you to pay, it shouldn't be much. But keep the receipt, and we will gladly reimburse you.

    There are upgrades from Regional, to include Intermediate (12u), Advanced (14u/16u), and National. These all have pre-requisites of the previous badge level.

    AYSO-U is the place to go for most of your training concerns, Referee certifications are the same whether you take them in Irvine, Tustin, Long Beach, or wherever. So you can pick what is convenient.

    If you are willing to take a referee course, but nothing above fits your schedule, fill in the very short Referee Class Interest form.
    For any questions please email our Regional Referee Admin at [email protected].

First Games

Getting your starting gear
Using Matchtrak
Asking for a mentor if needed

Referee Tent

Visit us at our Referee Tent page for lots of good information once you are officially a Region 213 referee.

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