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Silent Saturday

Each season we have one game day designated as a Silent Saturday.

We are always proud of our kids and their efforts on the field. And on this day, we will be just as proud, but silently!

Silent Sideline Saturday - this one day a season we give back to the players.

The purpose of this tradition is to encourage players to think and communicate with each other on the field, and to develop their decision-making skills without outside interference. This is particularly helpful for younger players who are still learning the game and developing their skills. The game is the best teacher of the game, when we allow players to make decisions in a game setting.

We each have our role in Silent Sideline Saturday - Parents, Coaches, Referees, and Players.

Parents and Guests

  • We request that you cheer and support all players. Therefore, cheering for positive accomplishments (after a score, a save, or other action) is encouraged.

  • However, spectators shall not coach and/or direct any comments to the players, referees, or coaches. This means spectators shall not be yelling while the ball is in play.

  • There are additional ways to cheer such as clapping, shaking a pom pom, twirling a rally towel or even get creative and make a sign with your child’s name on it.

  • AYSO policy does not allow for horns, whistles, or noise makers of any kind at any time.

We have modified our Silent Sideline Saturday to be better age-appropriate.

  • 10u and older
    Your coaching moments are before the game, half time, or with the players on the bench. For those on the bench, coaches should provide direction on playing strategies for when they enter the game. Coaches shall not provide any direction – verbal or non-verbal – to the players on the field. During active play, coaches should be evaluating the performance of their team and decide on coaching points to be discuss at halftime and for the next practice. When we allow the players on the field to communicate and make decisions, they learn from each other.

  • 7u and 8u
    This age group may have played before but still need a little guidance. For the coaches, please try to use one or two-word directions, more positionally directions like “spread out” - “drop back” - “move up” – Do not use words like, shoot, pass and dribble. These are the things we want them to do without direction.

  • 4u, 5u, 6u
    These age groups are still learning and need a lot of guidance from their coaches. So, these coaching guidelines do not apply to these age groups.


  • The referee should give the coaches a friendly reminder before the game and ask the coach to handle their sidelines regarding the silent sideline rules.


  • While on the field, players are encouraged to communicate, to support and provide direction to each other. Thus, to improving their game play. Substitute players on the bench should communicate with their teammates on the field as well. Substitutes are the 12th players on the field, and they see the game from a different perspective. Learning to use your voice as a player from the touchline is a huge tool to help their team.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not the coach telling the players what to say, this is the players watching the game and verbalizing what they are seeing to their teammates.

Silent Sideline Saturday provides some good opportunties

  • This is an opportunity for parents and spectators to quietly sit back and enjoy watching their kids play in the park.
  • It is an opportunity for coaches to quietly study or take notes on how the players are doing, and what they have been doing well or can improve on as a coach.
  • This is an opportunity for the players to experiment, practice what they've been taught and what they know, and enjoy the game, possibly a good chance for them to practice talking to each other on the field as teammates.
  • This is an opportunity for the Region to remind us about the beauty of watching kids play a game.

Thank you for supporting our region during our Silent Saturday.

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