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Age Chart

Age Chart

Below are descriptions of what you can expect at each age division. The Age Chart matches birth year to assigned age division.

This age chart will help you understand which age group your child will play in.

  • The divisions are based on the birth year and season.
  • Find your child's birth year along the left side, and note which season/year you are looking for.
  • During registration, only divisions that your player is eligible for will be displayed.

* We understand that birth year does not always match up with school year. However, we do not make adjustments based on this. Players should play in their assigned division.


Birth Year
Fall '22
Winter '23
Spring '23
Summer '23
Fall '23
Winter '24
Spring '24
Summer '24
Fall '24
Winter '25
Spring '25
Summer '25
4u 5u
2019 4u 5u 6u
2018 5u 6u 7u
2017 6u 7u 8u
2016 7u 8u 10u
2015 8u 10u 10u
2014 10u 10u 12u
2013 10u 12u 12u
2012 12u 12u 14u
2011 12u 14u 14u
2010 14u 14u 16u
2009 14u 16u 16u
2008 16u 16u 19u
2007 16u 19u 19u
2006 19u 19u 19u
2005 19u 19u
2004 19u

Divisions Explained

Age Groups and Divisions


AYSO Irvine (and most AYSO regions) divide players into different groups, called divisions. These divisions are usually based on age and/or gender, and often have many names when we refer to them. Our registration system will automatically offer you the correct divisions based on your child's information. But this page will help explain Divisions for anyone wanting or needing to understand better.

Divisions go by many names, you might see 8U, u8, u08, B8, b8u, Bu08, and they could all be referring to the division for the same child. The division name has two parts - an age group and a gender.

Membership Year

AYSO's soccer year, or 'Membership Year', begins August 1st and ends July 31st. It's often referred to with MY and the year it begins. MY22 begins August 1st, 2024 and ends July 31st, 2025.

  1. Our primary season is Fall. And this is also our First season of the year.
  2. The second season of the AYSO year is Winter. We usually have All Stars, and sometimes we may consider other programs.
  3. Spring is the third season of the AYSO year, and is a big season for us.
  4. Summer is the final season of the AYSO year. Summer will usually be a casual jamboree program and maybe a camp or two. MY22 ends


Previously with the 'u' at the beginning, like u8, now usually putting the letter 'u' after, such as 8u, the 8 means the child will turn 8 sometime during the membership year. Your child becomes 8 years old sometime during the soccer year.

  • The math for this, For Fall '22, Winter '23, Spring '23, and Summer '23, take your child's birth year away from 23.
  • For a child born in 2015, just think 23-15 = 8, so the player would be 8u.
  • Sometimes we will put a leading zero just to keep a 2-digit format, so you might see B08 instead of B8. It lines up better and sorts better with B10, B12, etc.


  • The notation for gender is B for boys, G for girls, or U to refer to both or coed.
  • Example: 8u division plays with a size 3 soccer ball.

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