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There are a number of key roles listed below, but there are plenty of roles not yet listed. If you think of something you are interested in doing, but it isn't listed, please let us know so we can discuss with you.

Most roles listed below are categorized into one of several types:

  • Governing Board Role - participates in board meetings and discussions to guide the Region, and has a vote in any Region business that requires voting
  • Board Role - contributes to board discussions either directly or through a coordinator or other means, helps carry out actions needed to deliver a successful program.
  • Region Role - the volunteer might choose this role to benefit a team, but the role benefits the overall region.
  • Team Role - directly affecting the formation or support of a team. Usually tied directly to an individual team, still critical for the overall program.

The Volunteer role below is a sample template, and just describes what you'll see for the rest of the roles.

general description and reason for need listed here.
tasks listed here usually done before or at the beginning of the season.
these duties should be done fairly regularly, during the season.
follow-up or wrap-up tasks are listed here, if applicable.
abbreviations used include ca=Concussion Awareness, fp=LiveScan FingerPrinting, sca=Sudden Cardiac Arrest, sh=AYSO's SaveHaven, ss=SafeSport, jst=Job Specific Training. More details on Why and How for each item can be found on our Training page.
This is where you'll see some of the volunteers you'll work with, either to support you or whom you support.
At the bottom of each role, we indicate the type of role, and who might be a good fit. Roles are divided into four categories: Governing and Board roles are more involved in the planning and administration of AYSO Irvine, Team roles are tied to a specific team, and Region roles are more general, helping the program or region as a whole.
Division Coordinator
acts as representative between families and region, to include assisting families, Team Parents, Coaches with knowing age-specific guidelines or requirements
communicates with families in your age group, assists with Team Parent and Coach meetings, helps with uniform assignment and handout
sends out reminders of important events or issues when needed
thanks the volunteers, reminds coaches to collect ratings, helps with awards handout
ca, fp, sca, sh, ss, jst
Program Manager, RC, Coach Admin, Referee Admin
This is a Board role, a good fit if you want to help make our program run smoothly, and are able to get a little more involved. This can be a fairly light role, but you can also get more involved, making your division run extra smooth. This role usually follows the age division of your child.
helps players develop a positive image of themselves, their teammates, coaches, match officials, and opponents. Also, helps develop the players' soccer skills as recommended in the AYSO coaching manuals.
attends Coach Meeting, discusses and arranges for practice schedule and location, completes required training if not yet done.
attends weekly practices, and matches on Saturdays.
submits player evaluations.
ca, fp, sca, sh, ss, jst
Coach Admin, DC, Asst Coach, Team Parent, YouTube
This is a Team role, great for anyone who wants to be a great role model for our young players, and help guide them to be better people, and share some soccer growth along the way. Must be 18 years old.
manages soccer matches according to age specific training and guidelines, both in specifics and in spirit, works with coaches to develop a positive self-image in the player and provide a safe, fair, and fun experience for all AYSO participants.
completes level-appropriate training or annual update.
monitors the self-assign system, signs up for matches when able.
considers refereeing for some post-season matches.
ca, fp, sca, sh, ss,
Referee administrator, LOTG, other referees, DC, coach
This is a Region role, great for someone who wants to be involved with the soccer experience, but can't commit to a fixed practice/game schedule. Our self-assign process leads us this way. Should be physically comfortable to be on your feet, on the field, for the duration of the match. The referee really gets the best view of the game. Also great for children as young as 10 years old, as it helps develop leadership skills and self-confidence.
Team Parent
manages families, so coach can manage players.
learns specifics of age division, attends team parent meeting, connect with families of teammates and pass along season information.
sends weekly reminders to families about match schedules, sideline behavior, photo day, snacks, banners, etc.
helps arrange or schedule any post-season ceremony, coach/ref gifts, awards, etc.
ca, fp, sca, sh, ss, jst
Divsion Coordinator, Team Parent Coordinator, Coach
This is a Team role, great for anyone who wants to get involved at the team level, most tasks are done by email/text and don't take more than a few minutes per week.
Team Parent Coordinator
oversees Team Parent program, guides Team Parents with questions or reminders
holds meeting for Team Parents, hands out packets
checks in with Team Parents occasionally with prompt or reminder
thanks your Team Parents
ca, fp, sca, sh, ss, jst
RC, Program Manager, Division Coordinators, Coach Admin, Ref Admin, Team Parents
This is a Board role, if you are willing to help guide a group of volunteers, who will in turn help all the teams and players, this role is for you. This is an administrative role, and other than a meeting or two, is almost entirely via email or text, with only a few short busy times of the year.
Event Staff
gets invited to events that need helpers of any type, such as photo day helper (check-in), school jog-a-thon booth helper, registration or evaluation check-in, storage inventory update. Region expects to have lots of activities throughout the year that will need extra hands.
considers helping with a one or more event shifts throughout the year, shifts are usually two hours.
fp, sh, ss
Event Staff Coordinator, School Coordinator, RC
This is a Region role, one where no soccer knowledge is needed, this role is good for anyone that is willing to help out but doesn't have time to dedicate to a fixed regular schedule. Even better and more fun when you and your friend(s) team up for the same event.
Event Staff Coordinator
works with coordinators (School Rep, Photo Day, etc) and reaches out to Event Staff to help match up event shifts with volunteers. Maintains list of which volunteers have filled shifts.
checks in with Board occasionally to identify upcoming events.
fp, sh, jst
RC, Program Manager, School Rep Coordinator, Photo Day Coordinator
This is a Board role, though much less involved than other Board roles. If you communicate and plan well, and you want to get a little more involved without too much demand on your time or energy, this is the role for you.
Field Helper
assists in some manner at a field convenient for you. Needs vary from season to season. Sometimes we need someone to bring or set up goals or flags, or put them away. Sometimes we need temporary storage of items nearby a field, or someone to trace over the painted lines. We will reach out to Field Helpers to discuss, before locking you in to anything.
per description, usually a few minutes at the beginning or end of a Saturday, depending on task.
fp, ss
DC, Program Manager, RC, Coach
This is a Region role, good if you live near one of the fields we use. We can probably find a quick and easy task for you. This often requires going to the field before and/or after games on Saturdays, but only for a few minutes.
maintains the list of players and volunteers, runs reports and tracks waitlists, tryout acceptances and exclusions, rec registrations, incomplete registrations, and more. Reviews and processes scholarship requests, refund / drop requests, coupon codes
Works with both Registrar assistants as well as Program Managers and the board to prepare the system to allow registrations
Runs reports for meetings, reviews with assistants.
prepares system for new season of registrations
ca, fp, sca, sh, ss, jst
Registrar assistants, RC, Program Manager, Division Coordinators
This is a Governing Board role, primarily working from computer, via email and/or phone. The Governing board meets monthly. This role is a great fit for someone that wants to get a more involved, likes working with data, and wants to see a more complete workings of the AYSO organization.
Registrar Assistant - Rec
helps maintain the list of players and volunteers, making sure they are registered properly, assists families with registration issues, tracks waitlists
helps plan registration event if applicable, reports registration counts, reminds families of incomplete registrations, assists families with registration issues
fills team gaps from waitlist, closes out waitlist several weeks into season, reviews refund requests
prepares system for new season of registrations
ca, fp, sca, sh, ss, jst
Registrar, RC, Program Manager, Division Coordinators
This is a Board role, primarily working from computer, via email and/or phone. It is a great fit for someone that wants to get a more detailed and complete understanding of the collection of programs AYSO Irvine offers, a behind-the-scenes role that greatly benefits the board and helps the season get underway smoothly.
Registrar Assistant - Extra
helps maintain the list of players and volunteers in the Extra program, from tryout application all the way through acceptance or exclusion, assists with ID card preparation
helps set up registration system, works with coach and program administrator to process acceptances and exclusions per team, helps prepare ID cards and rosters for coaches
Registrars are busiest before the season, during the season may report occasionally on player or volunteer registration issues
reports on player numbers
ca, fp, sca, sh, ss, jst
Registrar, RC, Program Manager, Extra coaches
This is a Board role, primarily working from computer, via email and/or phone. If you are organized, good with email, and can run basic reports and databases, you can be the Registrar Assistant, and a huge help to the Extra program.
School Rep
communicates with (your child's) school, usually PTA, to identify ways AYSO Irvine can partner with the school - for jogathon, carnival, sponsorship, equipment donation, etc.
finds partnership opportunities and relays back to region, helps with event coordination if needed.
Schools Coordinator, Event Staff Coordinator, PTA
This is a Region role, only needing to send a few emails per season, good for someone already involved or willing to become involved with your child's school.
School Rep Coordinator
compiles and maintains list and schedule for schools, and how Region is helping.
occasionally checks in with School Coordinators, Region, to update schedule of activities
fp, sh, ss
IUSD, TUSD, School Coordinators, RC
This is a Board role, but with low commitment. Good for someone who is a good communicator and is organized. This is also a good role for someone who can't otherwise volunteer because of younger children.
Helps coordinate and review budgets for various programs, maintains financial records, codes deposits and expenses
reviews budgets for referee and coach program, primary and advanced play programs, sets up spending allowances and cards
update and reconcile accounting database, ensure vendors get needed payments, provide report for board meetings
reports on estimates vs actuals
ca, fp, sca, sh, ss, jst
RC, Coach Admin, Referee Admin, Program Coordinators
This is a Governing Board role, but with fairly low commitment. Nearly all tasks are done from a computer, at your convenience. Perfect for someone who is financially responsible and can create simple budget reports.

Role Template
This is a Team role, great for.

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