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AYSO Region 213 - North Irvine

Photo Day Instructions

Before Photo Day
We are trying to get envelopes out to you and the coaches before Saturday. It is best to have your envelopes filled out ahead of time. But be prepared to fill out envelopes on that day. You'll need to fill out your Player Name, your Name, Address, City, Phone, Division, League, and Team Name. Each player must have a completed envelope to be photographed, even if you don't plan to buy anything. Package 'D' is free as part of your registration.

  • For Division, that will be the program your child plays in, such as B14.
  • For Team Name, if you don't know, put the coach's last name, or ask the coach.
  • For the League, we are R213.
Region 213 pays for Package #D. All parents, whether you buy extra stuff or not, need to complete the bottom of the order form.   If you want any of the other packages or products, you can fill those out on the order form.

At Photo Day
Gather your full team. Aim for 10 or 15 minutes before your scheduled time.
Teams should be lined up in order shortest to tallest.
Once lined up, have each player hold their photo envelope.
Once your team is all gathered, check in at the photo tent. 

Only the team parent and coaches are allowed to go with the players in the photo area past the tent.

Pictures will be at Harvard Athletic Park, field D. This is the field closest to Harvard/Walnut intersection. You can click on our About Us / Fields and zoom in to Harvard to see more detail. 

Photo Day schedule

THIS IS A DRAFT SCHEDULE. It can still change. But should give you an idea.

Photo Day is at Harvard Park D. There is a link to a field map on our Photo Day web page.

*The 5U will do pictures in groups of 4 to 8.

The list on the left is by division. The list on the right is by team/coach.

Division Teams Picture Time Teams Division Picture Time
U04 Q213-Felix_R 10:00 AM 4U Playground U04 10:00 AM
U05B Q213-Various 11:45 AM 5U Jamboree - Boys U05B 11:45 AM
U05B Q213-Various 11:45 AM 5U Jamboree - Boys U05B 11:45 AM
U05B Q213-Various 12:00 PM 5U Jamboree - Boys U05B 12:00 PM
U05B Q213-Various 12:00 PM 5U Jamboree - Boys U05B 12:00 PM
U05G Q213-Various 8:45 AM 5U Jamboree - Girls U05G 8:45 AM
U05G Q213-Various 8:45 AM 5U Jamboree - Girls U05G 8:45 AM
U06B Q213-Gonzalez_R 8:00 AM Q213-Alexander_M U10G 12:45 PM
U06B Q213-Gyabaah_K 8:00 AM Q213-Bailey_A U06G 9:30 AM
U06B Q213-Heller_O 8:15 AM Q213-Bajorek_M U06G 9:30 AM
U06B Q213-Manista_J 8:00 AM Q213-Birkelbach_M U06G 9:45 AM
U06B Q213-McCaskill_C 8:00 AM Q213-Brown_B U06G 12:15 PM
U06B Q213-Morano_J 8:00 AM Q213-Brown_B U10G 12:15 PM
U06B Q213-Park_C 8:15 AM Q213-Brown_R U07B 11:00 AM
U06B Q213-Wettstein_B 8:15 AM Q213-Carrasco_L U08B 2:00 PM
U06G Q213-Bailey_A 9:30 AM Q213-Cartagena_D U09B 10:30 AM
U06G Q213-Bajorek_M 9:30 AM Q213-Chaix_T U10B 9:15 AM
U06G Q213-Birkelbach_M 9:45 AM Q213-Chang_A U07B 9:30 AM
U06G Q213-Brown_B 12:15 PM Q213-Chen_E U10B 8:30 AM
U06G Q213-Hudson_D 12:30 PM Q213-Cortegana_E U08B 8:30 AM
U06G Q213-Metcalf_J 9:45 AM Q213-D. Barkley VIP Youngers 11:30 AM
U06G Q213-Minoux_J 10:00 AM Q213-Dai_F U16B 10:45 AM
U06G Q213-Miyamoto_J 9:45 AM Q213-Elias_J U12G 7:45 AM
U07B Q213-Brown_R 11:00 AM Q213-Esfahani_K U16B 9:15 AM
U07B Q213-Chang_A 9:30 AM Q213-Felix_R U10G 10:00 AM
U07B Q213-Flanigan_S 2:00 PM Q213-Flanigan_S U07B 2:00 PM
U07B Q213-Frake_P 11:30 AM Q213-Frake_P U07B 11:30 AM
U07B Q213-Gronek_W 11:00 AM Q213-Frake_P U10B 11:30 AM
U07B Q213-Huie_K 12:45 PM Q213-Galvin_M U12B 10:45 AM
U07B Q213-McCallon_R 2:00 PM Q213-Gonzalez_R U06B 8:00 AM
U07B Q213-Romualdez_F 9:15 AM Q213-Gronek_W U07B 11:00 AM
U07B Q213-Smith_T 10:30 AM Q213-Gyabaah_K U06B 8:00 AM
U07B Q213-Soleimani_B 10:30 AM Q213-Haack_G U09G 10:45 AM
U07B Q213-Suprenaut_L 10:45 AM Q213-Heller_O U06B 8:15 AM
U07B Q213-Zhou_J 12:45 PM Q213-Hennessey_B U07G 10:15 AM
U07G Q213-Hennessey_B 10:15 AM Q213-Heyburn_D U14B 7:45 AM
U07G Q213-Peterson_E 1:15 PM Q213-Heyburn_D U14B 1:30 PM
U07G Q213-Ramirez_A 11:00 AM Q213-Houston_T VIP - Tweeners 12:15 PM
U07G Q213-Rutter_N 10:15 AM Q213-Hudson_D U06G 12:30 PM
U07G Q213-Thompson_T 11:00 AM Q213-Hudson_D U10G 12:30 PM
U07G Q213-Wettstein_B 10:15 AM Q213-Huffman_M U14G 10:00 AM
U08B Q213-Carrasco_L 2:00 PM Q213-Huie_K U07B 12:45 PM
U08B Q213-Cortegana_E 8:30 AM Q213-J. Lam U11B 9:00 AM
U08B Q213-Sahi_P 2:00 PM Q213-Kim_Y U12G 7:45 AM
U08B Q213-Silva_D 1:00 PM Q213-LaFosse_D U10B 1:00 PM
U08B Q213-Tanimoto_K 11:15 AM Q213-Lafosse_D U10G 1:00 PM
U08B Q213-Wallin_M 1:00 PM Q213-Lehnhoff_K U19B 1:30 PM
U08G Q213-Render_J 9:00 AM Q213-Manista_J U06B 8:00 AM
U08G Q213-Schnaider_L 9:00 AM Q213-Mauga_S VIP - Olders 11:15 AM
U08G Q213-Shum_J 10:30 AM Q213-McCallon_R U07B 2:00 PM
U08G Q213-Tanimoto_K 11:15 AM Q213-McCaskill_C U06B 8:00 AM
U08G Q213-Umarji_B 12:30 PM Q213-Metcalf_J U06G 9:45 AM
U08G Q213-Vianzon_E 12:45 PM Q213-Millan_A U12B 12:15 PM
U09B Q213-Cartagena_D 10:30 AM Q213-Minoux_J U06G 10:00 AM
U09G Q213-Haack_G 10:45 AM Q213-Minter_H U10B 9:45 AM
U10B Q213-Chaix_T 9:15 AM Q213-Miyamoto_J U06G 9:45 AM
U10B Q213-Chen_E 8:30 AM Q213-Monico_G U12B 1:15 PM
U10B Q213-Frake_P 11:30 AM Q213-Morano_J U06B 8:00 AM
U10B Q213-LaFosse_D 1:00 PM Q213-Morrell_M U10B 9:30 AM
U10B Q213-Minter_H 9:45 AM Q213-Odabasoglu_O U10G 10:15 AM
U10B Q213-Morrell_M 9:30 AM Q213-Park_C U06B 8:15 AM
U10B Q213-Zeidan_M 2:00 PM Q213-Paulson_J U14B 8:30 AM
U10G Q213-Alexander_M 12:45 PM Q213-Peterson_E U07G 1:15 PM
U10G Q213-Brown_B 12:15 PM Q213-Peterson_E U12B 1:15 PM
U10G Q213-Felix_R 10:00 AM Q213-Porter_B U12G 9:15 AM
U10G Q213-Hudson_D 12:30 PM Q213-Porter_B U14G 12:30 PM
U10G Q213-Lafosse_D 1:00 PM Q213-Ramirez_A U07G 11:00 AM
U10G Q213-Odabasoglu_O 10:15 AM Q213-Render_J U08G 9:00 AM
U11B Q213-J. Lam 9:00 AM Q213-Romualdez_F U07B 9:15 AM
U12B Q213-Galvin_M 10:45 AM Q213-Ruffalo_C U14B 8:15 AM
U12B Q213-Millan_A 12:15 PM Q213-Rutter_N U07G 10:15 AM
U12B Q213-Monico_G 1:15 PM Q213-Sahi_P U08B 2:00 PM
U12B Q213-Peterson_E 1:15 PM Q213-Schnaider_L U08G 9:00 AM
U12B Q213-T. Hilmar 1:15 PM Q213-Shum_J U08G 10:30 AM
U12G Q213-Elias_J 7:45 AM Q213-Silva_D U08B 1:00 PM
U12G Q213-Kim_Y 7:45 AM Q213-Smith_T U07B 10:30 AM
U12G Q213-Porter_B 9:15 AM Q213-Soleimani_B U07B 10:30 AM
U14B Q213-Heyburn_D 7:45 AM Q213-Stradling_P U14B 1:30 PM
U14B Q213-Heyburn_D 1:30 PM Q213-Suprenaut_L U07B 10:45 AM
U14B Q213-Paulson_J 8:30 AM Q213-T. Hilmar U12B 1:15 PM
U14B Q213-Ruffalo_C 8:15 AM Q213-Tanimoto_K U08B 11:15 AM
U14B Q213-Stradling_P 1:30 PM Q213-Tanimoto_K U08G 11:15 AM
U14G Q213-Huffman_M 10:00 AM Q213-Thompson_T U07G 11:00 AM
U14G Q213-Porter_B 12:30 PM Q213-Umarji_B U08G 12:30 PM
U16B Q213-Dai_F 10:45 AM Q213-Vianzon_E U08G 12:45 PM
U16B Q213-Esfahani_K 9:15 AM Q213-Villarreal_P U19B 1:30 PM
U19B Q213-Lehnhoff_K 1:30 PM Q213-Wallin_M U08B 1:00 PM
U19B Q213-Villarreal_P 1:30 PM Q213-Wettstein_B U06B 8:15 AM
VIP - Olders Q213-Mauga_S 11:15 AM Q213-Wettstein_B U07G 10:15 AM
VIP - Tweeners Q213-Houston_T 12:15 PM Q213-Zeidan_M U10B 2:00 PM
VIP Youngers Q213-D. Barkley 11:30 AM Q213-Zhou_J U07B 12:45 PM

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