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Points Systems, Explained

AYSO is an all-volunteer non-profit organization. We rely on the generosity of time from volunteers to make our program run smoothly.  It takes many people to make it all happen!

AYSO Region 213 has two separate Point Systems to help encourage and reward volunteerism:

1. Volunteer Point System (VPS): Participation Awards (medals or trophies) are given only if the 50% Volunteer Points quota is met.

2. Referee Point System (RPS): 10U to 14U Region Playoff seeding is based on Matchtrak standings with Referee Points added in.  Mayor's Cup is based on the results of the Region Playoff.

10U to 14U Area Playoffs are for 1st--and sometimes 2nd (wildcard)--place teams based on Matchtrak standings alone.  Teams qualify for Area Playoffs only if the 50% Volunteer Points quota is met.


Volunteer Credit Form

The Volunteer Credit Form is a short form you can fill out to indicate what you volunteered for, and what teams you are tied to.  Every volunteer should fill one out.

The Volunteer Credit Inquiry is a tool that allows you to see who on your team has already earned and requested volunteer credit.  This helps you know who still needs to submit a Volunteer Credit Form.  (See links to the right. >>>)

Volunteer Points System

The purpose of our Volunteer Point System (VPS) is to have more people chipping in with smaller tasks, rather than having just a few volunteers trying to manage everything alone.

Your team's 50% volunteer participation can earn playoff eligibility and team participation awards! :-)

Volunteer Point System
  • 50% volunteer quota (for example, a team with 8 or 9 players will need 4 volunteers)
  • A volunteer earns 1 point for each team they are associated with.
  • Multiple volunteers per family is acceptable, allowing multiple points earned per family.
  • Volunteer points cannot be donated.
  • It is up to each team to report all volunteers.
*A volunteer point for refereeing is applied after 3 referee slots are filled.
*Games refereed may count for both Volunteer Point System and Referee Point System

To request credit for your efforts as a volunteer, please fill out a Volunteer Credit form (see link above).  This applies to all volunteers, including board, staff, referees, coaches, and administration.

Referee Points System

The primary purpose of the Referee Points System (RPS) is to ensure we have enough qualified referee coverage on games.
Referee Point System

  • Refereeing a 9U or older game on an R213 field earns one referee point.
  • Being the assistant referee on a 9U or older game on an R213 field earns 0.5 referee point.
  • If a youth referee referees a 7U or 8U game, they earn 0.5 point. This is a good opportunity for players or siblings.
  • Points for each referee slot can be awarded to the referee's team of choice, this is done at time of game reservation in Matchtrak.
  • First game at new badge level = one bonus point, which needs to be claimed within 14 days of that game, no later than the 8th week of the season.
  • Referee points affect standings, which affects Mayor's Cup, Trophies, and Area Playoffs.
  • A maximum of ten referee points may be awarded to a team.
*A referee also earns a third of a Volunteer Point (up to one point) for refereeing.

To get credit for your referee slot, make sure to specify the target team when reserving your referee match. The credit can go to whichever team the referee desires.

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