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Ref Course Types

There are 3 beginner referee courses available: 

  1. the U-8 Official course, roughly 3 to 4 hours in person.
  2. the Basic Referee Course, roughly 8 hours in person, often split up over 2 nights.
  3. the Basic Referee Online Companion Course, 4 hours online (AYSOU) first, then 4 hours in person.

In order to referee a U-7 or a Fall U-8 game you must be ten years of age or older and complete either:

  • the U-8 Official Course (4 hours in person), or
  • the Basic Referee Course (8 hours in person), or
  • both the AYSO Basic Referee Online Training Course (4 hours online) AND the Basic Referee Online Companion Course (4 hours in person)

In order to become a referee or assistant referee at a U9 or U10 game you must be twelve years of age or older and take either:

  • the Basic Referee Course (8 hours in person), or
  • both the AYSO Basic Referee Online Training Course (4 hours online) AND the Basic Referee Online Companion Course (4 hours in person)
(class duration times are approximate)

5 Steps to Becoming a Referee

Five Easy Steps to Becoming a Referee In North Irvine, Region 213

1.  Register as a Volunteer
Go to and REGISTER to be a VOLUNTEER. Complete the form, sign, and print. Bring the form to the first class, along with ID (youth referees do not need ID).  Info on how to do this is under our Volunteers page.
2.  Register for your Referee Class
Next, go to  and select “Live Courses” .  Once the class lists appear, select the course that you would like to register for. (Some Referee classes ask that you register directly with the Area (or Region) hosting the course. If this is the case, then follow those registration instructions.)
3.  Take the Safe Haven Course
Then, go to   Login, select "My Courses" and then select "Safe Haven."  Complete the 70 minute Safe Haven training to ensure the safety of players.  Please complete the course prior to Referee Training if possible.
4.  Take the Basic Referee Online Training (if necessary)
If you are planning on attending one of the full Basic Referee (8 hr) or U-8 Official (4 hr) Training courses listed above, you may skip to step 5.
If you are attending the shorter Basic Referee Online Companion Course (4 hr) then you must first take the Basic Referee Online Training.  Go to . Log in with your eAYSO id or id, select eCommerce / Products / Referee Training and then select "Regional Referee Training Course, $7.00."  If you are a part of Region 213, we provide vouchers, email RRA (see below) to get your voucher. Take the course.  Take and pass the short quiz at the end of the training.  When you pass the quiz, please print the online certificate and BRING this certificate to the Basic Referee Online Companion Course.  You MAY NOT take the Basic Referee Online Companion Course without first completing the online Referee Training.
5.  Take Your In-Person Referee Class
Attend and complete the appropriate training course and test. Receive a uniform and equipment to get started as a certified referee! (If you attend a class outside of Region 213, you will probably not receive a uniform and/or referee gear.  You will need to contact [email protected] to get your supplies and to get entered into our scheduling system.)
For any questions please email our Regional Referee Admin at [email protected].

Upcoming referee courses

The list of available referee courses changes often, as regions add or cancel courses. To get a current list of available referee courses, follow these basic steps:
  1. Log in to If you are not yet a volunteer, make sure to sign up. Instructions here Make sure you have your own account.
  2. Log in to website. You can do this from and click on the AYSOU tab, or you can go directly to the www.aysou website. Password is the same as your ayso213 password.
  3. Click on My Courses, then open Instructor Led Courses, then open Coach Instructor Led Courses to find in-person trainings. 
  4. Find the class you are interested in. Most likely, that will be
    1. U8 Official (not coach), 3 to 4 hours in person, certifies you for U7, U8
    2. Regional Referee Course, about 8 hours, sometimes split over 2 nights, good for U7, U8, U10
    3. Regional Ref Online Companion Course,about 4 hours online and 4 hours in person, good for U7, U8, U10
  5. Click [Sessions] to get a list of dates and times that course is being offered.
For your convenience, we occasionally update the list below with some available local courses. There may be courses more convenient for you. We always suggest checking the current list as mentioned above.
Below is a list of some courses available as of August 24, 2019.
Course TypeDateLocation
 U8 Official CourseTue 3 Sep 2019, 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM PDT Huntington Beach 
 U8 Official CourseThu 12 Sep 2019, 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM PDT Irvine 

Course TypeDateLocation
Regional Ref Online Companion Course Fri 30 Aug 2019, 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM PDT Irvine 
Regional Ref Online Companion Course Tue 3 Sep 2019, 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM PDT Costa Mesa 
Regional Ref Online Companion CourseSun 8 Sep 2019, 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM PDT  Tustin
 Course TypeDate Location 
Regional Referee Class Tue 27 Aug 2019, 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM PDT
Wed 28 Aug 2019, 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM PDT 

If you are willing to take a referee course, but nothing above fits your schedule, fill in the very short Referee Class Interest form

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